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South Shore offers an array of sustainable strategies and have strategic smart technology partners to enable cost saving and more efficient operations.

Demand Response / Capacity Reduction

Demand Response is a voluntary program that compensates end-use (retail) customers for reducing their electricity use (load), when requested. Demand response programs provide end-use customers with the ability to manage their electricity use in response to conditions in the wholesale market. They can reduce their electricity consumption when wholesale prices are high or the reliability of the grid is threatened, receiving payments for the reductions they make. Common examples of reductions are turning up the temperature on the thermostat to reduce air conditioning, or slowing down, or stopping production at an industrial facility temporarily. The choice to participate in demand response is voluntary; however, participants must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for payments for reducing their demand for electricity.

Energy Efficiency

Adjusting temperatures, modification and/or reduction of use of power and efficient lighting all require dedication. South Shore identifies and has access to technologies that simplify the commitment. We can help identify and implement solutions for a more green, smart and efficient building.