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Go Green & Save

With Community Solar

Always lower than Comed and Ameren rates. Direct Through Your Utility - No Third-Party.
No cost to sign up
No installation of solar panels
Guaranteed savings
No maintainence

Special limited time offer for Illinois Utility Customers

Become a part of a local Community
Solar Program that provides solar energy and savings!

Enrolling Is Easy

Here’s a great opportunity for residential and business utility customers to tap into renewable solar energy and save approximately 10% annually on electricity energy supply charges.

DON’T WAIT! Capacity is limited, and enrollment is first come, first served. So lock in ~10% savings on your electricity supply charges today.

Subscribe now, and in addition to monthly savings receive a $200 COMMUNITY SOLAR BILL CREDIT*


Fifteen years with an auto-renewal. However, you can exit the agreement at any time, and there is no termination fee with 60 days advance written notice of cancellation.

You will see credits appear on your bill after the utility company has approved your allocation and after the Community Solar farm site has been turned on and is producing solar energy. We will not be charging you until after credits begin appearing on your bill.

You will continue to receive your monthly bill from your utility. As usual, your utility bill will include service charges, applicable taxes, and charges for any electricity supply you received, and you will also see a credit for the electricity produced, on your behalf, from the community solar program. In addition you will receive a monthly bill from Con Edison Solutions for the electricity produced, on your behalf, from the community solar facility – but it will be discounted by 10%. You will be obligated to pay both bills.

Surplus credits will be rolled over to the next billing period until they expire annually.

There will be no interruption of energy supply because your local utility will supplement the electricity as needed.

No, the panels are owned by Con Edison Solutions, so we take care of the installation and maintenance.

No. The owner of the solar farm, Con Edison Solutions, will receive the tax credits and incentives. You do get the benefit of the 10% credit discount and the knowledge that you are supporting renewable energy programs in your state!

Yes. You’ll have access to an online customer portal to track savings and view invoices. If you have questions about your subscription you can always submit an inquiry to us via your customer portal or find our direct contact email and phone number.

If you move within the utility service territory, then you can remain a subscriber – we’ll just need your new account information.

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*A new customer participating in a community solar facility by Consolidated Edison Solutions shall be eligible for a one time “Incentive Bonus” of $200 after receipt of timely payment of three full monthly bills. A customer shall be eligible
to receive a sign-up incentive for no more than three (3) individual subscriptions for such customer with a subscription being de ned as an agreement by such customer to receive utility bill credits for a specific utility account/meter number. The Incentive Bonus shall be applied as a credit against customer’s account within thirty (30) days of the eligibility requirements being met by customer.