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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Fixed Pricing, Otherwise Known As Hedging?

Fixed pricing ensures that you purchase energy for a fixed price. This allows your company to set an annual energy budget. Fixed pricing also allows you to capitalize on dips in market by committing to purchase energy in the future at that lower rate. Often people believe they are ‘gambling’ or speculating by locking in a fixed price for future consumption. In fact, what many people do not realize is that they actually are speculating when they do not lock in a fixed price for energy by leaving themselves vulnerable and unprotected to the movements of the market.

What Distinguishes South Shore?

South Shore is a woman owned business.  We keep abreast of the markets and market indicators to best evaluate the pricing environment and advice you. Our integrity, accountability, experience, and honest approach in seeking the best energy fit for you. Once you experience our personal approach, special attention and professionalism, you will feel confident and secure with South Shore.

How Long Does A Contract For Energy Generally Last?

Contract length is determined by historical market value and understanding our clients risk profile. We customize each contract based on our clients’ business and budgetary needs.

Are You Local Or National?

We serve every US market that is deregulated for natural gas and electricity. This means that we can serve clients across the US.

What if there are billing issues with local utility or the new supplier?

South Shore staff will assist in troubleshooting, saving your staff time and stress.

What is the biggest myth or misunderstanding about choosing a consultant/broker to work with?

Many people believe all consultants are the same.  There is a stigma in our industry that some consultant/brokers do not have their clients’ best interest in mind and quotes are all the same.  South Shore prides itself on our fiduciary responsibility to our clients’.  We are traders at heart, watch and understand the energy markets and add tight competitive margins.