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Pricing Options

Variable Rate

Variable Rate option means your price will be dictated by market fluctuations. Very similar to how the local utility prices your energy, fluctuating on a monthly basis. The difference is that third party pricing is generally cheaper than utility as they are more efficient and careful with their purchasing.

Fixed Rate

You will pay a flat rate over a predetermined time period. This plan offers the most predictability to your energy budget. You will know almost exactly what your yearly energy bill will be. Best for people looking to secure their energy budget.

Index To Fixed

There are times when the market may not dictate entering a fixed price but it is best to stay with a third party supplier.  In this case we recommend starting on an INDEX rate and moving to a FIXED rate when the market cooperates.


Hybrid products are designed specifically to each client’s needs, including both fixed price and variable price components.

Examples Include

Block & Index

A fixed price block of power covering base load requirements. The block is specified in advance, therefore the percent or fixed versus variable changes month-to-month as your load fluctuates.

Percent of Load

The customer can determine an exact percent of load that will be fixed, maintaining the exact percent as load fluctuates month-to-month