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Control Your Energy Costs

Make market volatility work for you

South Shore creates the opportunity to put price volatility to work in your favor by making well-timed buying decisions in volatile markets. South Shore educates our clients regarding overall market value, giving each customer the knowledge and confidence to appropriately customize their actions. That’s why engaging an expert who can determine value and find value in volatile markets matters to your company.

What we do

Customized procurement strategy

We develop and execute a customized procurement strategy for each client based on a detailed analysis of their energy needs matched with our continual assessment of energy market conditions and trends


With over 80+ years of experience South Shore Energy Solutions can help clients plan and time their energy purchases to make budget and control their total energy costs.

Green energy solutions

Green energy technologies and initiatives represent an opportunity to capitalize on South Shore’s understanding of the markets for gas and electricity as well as our desire to participate in the green movement.

Goodness, is about how we treat other people

From our clients

We manage nursing homes and assisted living buildings so budgeting cost is very important to us. Glenn is the best thing since sliced bread. He saves me money; he is ethical, honest and smart.
Manny Binstock
Kensington Management Company
Because of his experience, Glenn recognizes when potential breaks in pricing might occur. He communicates them well to us and then follows up to position us to take advantage. He’s proven himself over the years. That’s why I do business with him.
Stephen Barron
Principal Barron Development, LLC