about south shore energy

South Shore Energy Solutions, a DBA of South Shore Trading and Distributors, Inc., is an energy risk management company.

In fifteen years we have saved money for each of our clients while they have used our services.

Our team of traders and market experts has more than 80 years of risk management and trading experience on both the Chicago and New York Futures Exchanges.

South Shore Energy Solutions, a woman-owned firm, manages more than $30 million in electricity and natural gas contracts. Our client base includes companies in real estate, property management, health care, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Our customer service, market knowledge and honesty are unmatched. South Shore handles your portfolio as if it is our own.

about the team

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign. He holds a degree in Resource Economics. Glenn is a former floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Options Exchange. He founded South Shore Trading and Distributors, Inc in 2000. Glenn brings over 25 years of floor trading experience and 30 years of risk management and economics analysis to South Shore.

Ruth Rotenberg

Ruth Rotenberg is a graduate of Ryerson College, Toronto Canada and Florida International University. She holds a degree in both design and merchandising. Ruth is a former independent wholesale business owner and has been with South Shore since its inception.

Mishael Miller

Mishael graduated from the Sy Syms Honors and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Yeshiva University in New York. He studied Entrepreneurial management and Finance while achieving Magna Cum Laude honors.

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